Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement Security

Waiting to replace your missing tooth or teeth can cause health risks. Dental implants provide you the security of a secure new tooth root within your jawbone and full tooth structure on the surface of your gums.

A Secure Replacement for the Loss of One Tooth

Losing one tooth can have an impact on your overall oral health. Tooth replacement with a single implant can solve the problems associated with tooth loss.

Your single implant forms a new tooth root as it’s placed within your jawbone. The implant is crafted from titanium and provides a strong, secure foundation for your new tooth on the surface of your gums.

Implant Supported Tooth Replacement

Tooth loss causes damage to your surrounding teeth. A bridge implant provides the security of dental implants without the need for an implant to replace each missing tooth.

Your bone and gum tissue must be healthy enough to support implant placement. Single implants support you bridge at each location they’re strategically placed into your jawbone.

Security for Your Dentures

Standard dentures have a reputation for slipping and eroding your bone and gum tissue. Implant dentures provide secure anchor points to hold your denture in place within your upper and/or lower jaw.

Most often, four small implants are placed to attach your denture. Implant dentures also provide you a more long-term, permanent tooth replacement option for missing teeth.

A Quicker and Cost-Effective Tooth Replacement

Teeth in Day uses dental implants for the fast, secure restoration of your tooth function and appearance. Your procedure will save you time and costs compared with traditional implant treatment.

A designated number of dental implants are placed at specific places in your jawbone. Your new set of teeth will permanently secured to the implants after they have healed.

Eating and chewing are possible after your one-day appointment. Teeth in a Day restores your tooth function and confidence to smile.

Contact your St. Simons dentist about your missing tooth or missing teeth. Schedule an examination and consultation to discuss tooth replacement using dental implants.